6 Credit Card Tips for Holiday and Holiday Periods


Best Credit Card Tips To Take Advantage Of Them Best

  • 1. Check your credit report
  • 2. Take stock of all your credit cards
  • 3. Request an increase in the credit limit on the card
  • 4. Sign up to receive credit or account purchase alerts
  • 5. Check the cash bonuses back
  • 6. Learn more about the benefits of your card
  • Conclusion

Best Credit Card Tips To Take Advantage Of Them Best


So how can you make the most of using your credit cards getting more advantages and in some cases getting money back and many other rewards offered by banks and card companies without compromising your security?

The first step is to prepare your credit card for the busiest times and the most used, and the holiday season is one of them, so you have to take the time to properly plan your shopping list and new expenses.

As you go about paying for your purchases, expenses, and vacation expenses with a credit card, make sure you are following these six basic suggestions.

1. Check your credit report

 1. Check your credit report


Having a high score with good and excellent credit scores is probably the most important indicator that your financial health is healthy.


So it’s important to know what your name is (clean or restricted CPF) before you go out there in this busy year-end and year-end shopping season. Find it out:

  1. Do you have any late payment accounts?
  2. Do you have the name with at SPC or Serasa for non-payment?
  3. Is your score low because of financial pitfalls?

Review your credit history and report to make sure everything is up to date and in compliance with credit rules.

With so many purchases being made, it’s easy to get errors on your credit report. Here in Brazil, companies usually send a debt write-down report at the end of the year, always take a look and see if you really owe or do not.

Be sure to take extra time to review your name, look for any errors, omissions or inaccuracies in credit protection agencies. If you find a mistake, contact one of the three credit bureaus: Serasa Experian, SPC Brazil and Boa Vista to remedy the situation.

2. Take stock of all your credit cards

 2. Take stock of all your credit cards

Spending your credit cards without having an organized plan is a recipe doomed to financial disaster.

Not only will you lose some important cash back bonuses on the card, but you will be able to pay additional charges and fees if by chance you exceed the spending limit stipulated by the credit card. Before you head out to the mall or have fun, check all credit cards in use.

  • Did you purchase new department store cards during the year?
  • Did you receive credit cards from banks or financial institutions?
  • Do you have active credit card from banks you are not using?
  • Do you keep a spreadsheet of all the cards that are in use?

At this point, it’s time to get them together and review them all.

In another detail, list balances, credit lines, spending bonuses, smiles, and other special benefits that may be useful in the near future.

Do not forget to evaluate other important details such as the interest rate charged, and whether future purchases qualify you for rate reduction or this is within promotions of type (money back or 0% fee for new purchases.

Be careful when making your list of credit cards so you do not spend too much on annuities or lose important benefits.


3. Request an increase in the credit limit on the card


 3. Request an increase in the credit limit on the card

To help with the increase in your spending that is about to happen during holidays and the holidays at the beginning of the year, call your bank or your credit card company and ask for an increase in your credit line.

As you know it will increase your spending during this hectic season, it is advisable to request an increase in the credit limit to meet new expenses.

That way, your purchasing power will not be affected, and you will have no problem popping your credit card. Be sure to use your new credit limit wisely, try not to spend more than you can afford, the idea is not to build unpayable debts.


4. Sign up to receive credit or account purchase alerts


 4. Sign up to receive credit or account purchase alerts

It’s no secret that fraudsters and identity thieves love the holiday season. In this period there is a significant increase in the expenses of people with the credit card, which means that there is more space for errors and neglected transactions.

One smart way to track your credit and debit card transactions in your account is to sign up for alerts via text message (SMS or email). If there is any sign of fraud, such as double-launch transactions or unauthorized purchases, you will receive a real-time alert from the banks or the credit card company.

To be honest, some of your credit cards may even offer free credit monitoring services, so it’s a good idea to ask about it at 0800, 4004 or 4003 and see if this protection service is enabled on the card or your card. account.

Even if the tracking service costs a small monthly fee, it may be worth paying during that time, when your bills need it most.

Another service available to users on Serasa Experian and Boa Vista (SCPC) is the so-called anti-fraud service that monitors your real-time CPF, which notifies those who consulted your name and informs you before being denied.


5. Check the cash bonuses back


Almost all credit cards are offering money back rebates in different ways ( moneyback ), from cash credit, to earning points or miles to travel.

This system is beneficial, but it can be confusing when you are trying to get the most out of your purchases. The good news is that you can easily categorize your credit cards based on the type of card they are.

Use this information to your advantage when making your shopping list, so you do not miss out on the extra cash back bonuses, smiles etc.

As we have said, you should make a list of your balances, spending, credit limits, and interest rates, so go ahead and also make a note about what types of cards and which categories of ” cashback ” bonus they Are included.

Tends to properly understand everything that your credit card offers, and try to fully maximize your spending to make money back and other benefits – the benefits are worth it.


6. Learn more about the benefits of your card


 6. Learn more about the benefits of your card

It’s easy to focus on the cash back bonuses that your credit card offers, but what about the other benefits of the card?

One of the main reasons to use a credit card during the end and early year shopping season is that most of your purchases may be covered with benefits like purchase protection.

This includes benefits such as an extended warranty, refund protection policy, and other benefits such as interest-free installments and special discounts.

Make sure you are familiar with all the advantages of the cards, and follow the offers that the credit cards you are using offers.

To find out the exact benefits that you have access to with each card, simply access the bank and / or administrator’s call, application or the online page of your credit card account through your computer or smartphone to learn more.

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Before you go out to the mall or start your walk to do your shopping in stores or online websites first try to put into practice all the card tips we teach here , ie make sure you fully understand what benefits your credit offer.

Do not rush to just start spending with your card, do not overdraft your credit limit and do not pay your bills late because you can lose important cash benefits back and still pay fines, arrears and interest.

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